20 Jan

How to Ace Your Virtual Interview

by: Astor Professional Search

Thorough preparation is crucial to acing a virtual interview. To stand out from other applicants, a candidate must ensure his or her technology is working efficiently, perform due diligence before the meeting, sit down at his or her computer confidently, and be ready to respond to all questions. Here are 6 practical tips to help a candidate ace a virtual interview.

Getting the Basics Right

The interviewee should ensure that he or she has a strong and reliable internet connection, a functioning webcam and mic, and that those in his or her household are aware of the interview. In case of an interruption by a curious child, he or she shouldn’t panic. Interviewers know the world is currently operating in difficult times. The candidate should, however, try to minimize disturbances.

Getting the Visuals and Sound Right

The interviewee should try to appear almost the same as he or she would on a passport picture. He or she can confirm whether the sound and visuals function correctly by doing a trial run with a family member or friend.

Keeping the Main purpose of the Interview in Mind

Focusing too much on getting the technical aspects of a virtual interview right may distract a candidate from the key purpose of the interview – to prove to the hiring team why he or she is the best candidate for the position. The candidate should have clear reasons for wanting to be part of that firm. Is it the new firm’s diversity policy or focus on growth? A legal recruiter can help a candidate prepare for a virtual interview and give honest advice regarding whether or not a job is a perfect fit.

Dressing Professionally

While a candidate can wear whatever he or she wants, dressing professionally for the session will help him or her get in the mood for the interview. Creating a professional first impression is important, especially in the legal sector. A candidate should, therefore, aim at dressing as he or she would for an in-person interview.

Using Simple Notes

The candidate should have simple notes on the resume, key points, a few questions for the interview panel, and important details about the firm, such as mission, vision, and performance. The candidate should be conversant with his or her material but should feel free to take a quick look at it from time to time.

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