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Attorney Candidates

At Astor Professional Search, our attorney recruiters understand that you are a unique person – not just another file in our database. When you work with our team, we will take the time to truly get to know who you are and what type of career path you are interested in pursuing. We take into account culture, personality, conflicts, and short and long-term growth potential to identify career possibilities you may not have discovered on your own. We evaluate your individual career goals, interests, past achievements, and experiences to ensure we identify career opportunities that match your needs and that will enable you to flourish so you can enjoy long-term success.

Discover how the legal recruiters at Astor Professional Search can help you reach your goals. Call 312-781-9000 today.

Communication Is Key to Success

As former attorneys, our recruiting team understands how demanding your workweek is and how difficult it can be to talk about your career move during normal business hours. To ensure we deliver personalized service and superior results, our attorney recruiters are accessible seven days a week, including evenings and weekends. We are more available to our candidates and clients than other legal search firms, many of whom employ part-time recruiters who deliver part-time results. Our responsiveness has enabled us to excel in the marketplace.

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Our Legal Recruiters Help Protect Your Resume

In an extremely competitive industry, blasting your resume to every firm or company in your area or across the country is time-consuming and counterproductive. Doing so will often prejudice your future chances for success.

Additionally, since many law firms and corporations don’t accept unsolicited resumes and only work with recruiters when filling positions, sending out your own resume could cause you to miss out on important opportunities.

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"It was critical for me to take an exhaustive approach in considering a lateral move. Having known Bill Sugarman for several years, I felt very comfortable with his strategic philosophy and in-depth market knowledge. I was thrilled to have Bill in my corner as a trusted advisor, particularly given the magnitude of the process and my ultimate decision. I have been extremely happy with the results, and I continue to recommend Bill and Astor Professional Search to any attorneys contemplating a move."

Craig D. Leavell
Intellectual Property Partner

We Believe in Ongoing Communication

When you work with Astor Professional Search, you’ll enjoy ongoing communication to ensure you and the client are both satisfied with your new position. While many legal recruiters end their relationship with clients and attorney candidates once the candidate’s resume is submitted, our firm believes in establishing long-term relationships with both parties.

From interview preparation to offer negotiation, we distinguish ourselves through our sincere dedication when lesser recruiters have already moved on to the next candidate.

Expand Your Horizons

In many cases, attorneys are generally happy with their current employment until they discover other opportunities that await. Whether you’re just beginning to consider making a lateral career move or you are set on making a change, our attorney recruiters want to speak with you. We can help you evaluate your current position, where your career is taking you, and where you want to be.

Discover how the legal recruiters at Astor Professional Search can help you reach your goals. Call 312-781-9000 today.

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