07 Jul

Are You Ready to Jump Start Your Legal Career?

by: Astor Professional Search

The legal industry is hot right now, and interested job candidates need to plan ahead, mapping out a strategy for how to succeed. Many legal employers are willing to pay top-dollar for qualified candidates, but their hiring processes can be rigorous. Education and preparation are keys to getting ahead in the legal field.


Legal education means more than the professional training that one needs for the job. It also means learning and understanding the field itself. The legal job market has many segments, and candidates should have a good idea of where they may fit into the equation. Legal employers who see overall awareness and strategic thinking from their candidates are more inclined to make job offers.

Self-Assessment and Awareness

A job search in the legal field should begin with candidates taking an objective look at themselves to figure out which type of firm is the right fit and where they could best help an employer. This requires asking tough and objective questions in search of self-aware answers. Some may figure out that they are just not a right fit for a law firm or a particular job. This includes assessing one’s own personal values and strengths and weaknesses. 

Planning a Marketing Strategy

Job candidates can work with an attorney recruiter to develop their own plans. This includes the type of jobs that they should be applying for and their own marketing strategy. Prospective employees need their own plan for selling themselves to employers. Firms and companies will need to know exactly what the candidate can do for them when they make the hire. This explanation requires forethought and planning. It may be a different answer for each job. 

Each job candidate must think about what he or she has to offer the law firm. Some may have prior experience in other fields that could help an employer. Leveraging one’s skills can significantly improve one’s chances of landing a dream job. Legal employers are often drawn to previous job experience, especially if there is a connection to a particular type of law. 

Finding a Mentor

Finally, contact with attorneys and employers ahead of time is helpful. A mentor could assist candidates by helping them talk through their career plans. They may also provide key advice about where their mentee fits into the legal profession and how to maximize appeal to potential employers. 

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