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01 Dec

Chicago’s Startup Community Lands a Big One

by: Astor Professional Search

Many observers believe Chicago’s startup and technology scene has reached a critical mass, enjoying a timely alignment of talent, capital and political will alongside an emerging infrastructure of incubators and accelerators. Moreover, its not just insiders – Silicon Valley is starting to recognize that something important is afoot in the Midwest as well.

Chicago’s startup and technology community has just taken a major step forward with the announcement that Howard Tullman, well-connected entrepreneur extraordinaire, will be taking the reigns at 1871. We expect this growing startup and technology scene to create exciting new opportunities for Chicago transactional attorneys and the local legal community at large.

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William Sugarman

William Sugarman is the president and founder of Astor Professional Search. He engages in the successful placement of attorneys with local, regional, and international law firms and corporations. Bill’s extensive legal and business development experience give Astor an edge over other legal recruiters nationwide. At the cornerstone of Bill’s strategic philosophy is providing the highest level of personalized attention to his clients and attorney candidates. This is also a key factor that separates Astor from other legal search firms, and it consistently delivers legal placements year after year.

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